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Screening Europe, February 17-18 2015 Berlin, Germany - Screening Europe is back! After a break of four years during which we covered screening topics within the European LabAutomation event, SELECTBIO is delighted to re-introduce this popular conference. Hot topics to be covered include 3D cell based screening methods, the use of model organisms, and novel approaches for data analysis. Focus will also be […]
New screening strategy introduced to develop possible drug candidates - Scientists have developed a new drug-discovery strategy, which will help them in rapidly selecting chemical compounds that will have a desired effect on cells. Researchers from the Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) has also tried to highlight how these compounds will work. Scientists have identified a compound that shows promise for treating obesity-linked diabetes by using […]
Two-Layer Screen Locates Both Drugs and Targets - Scripps researchers are exploring a new screening method that combines a phenotype-based screen for compounds with a desired cellular effect, and a target-based screen to determine which molecular pathways are being affected. Rather than a purely phenotypic model, which often reveals promising drugs but does not reveal why they work, or a purely target-based model, […]
Online resources supporting drug discovery - Abstract Online resources enabling and supporting drug discovery have blossomed during the past ten years. However, drug hunters commonly find themselves overwhelmed by the proliferation of these computer-based resources. Ten years ago, we, the authors of this review, felt that a comprehensive list of in silico resources relating to drug discovery was needed. Especially because […]
AstraZeneca to partner with Evotec in kidney disease - HAMBURG, Germany—Evotec AG and AstraZeneca have signed an agreement to take joint action to combat kidney diseases. Initial focus of the alliance will be exploring compounds and targets with novel mechanisms that have disease-modifying potential for the treatment of chronic kidney disease. Under the terms of this license and collaboration agreement, AstraZeneca will receive access […]
Evotec Becomes First European CRO to Offer Agilent’s RapidFire Screening Tool - Evotec is adding Agilent Technologies’ RapidFire mass spectrometry analysis capabilities to its high-throughput screening facilities in Hamburg. RapidFire is an in-line solid-phase extraction technology. It enables ultrafast, direct analysis of native compounds for a variety of biochemical assays including routine ADME and lead discovery applications across a range of therapeutic areas. Evotec reports that it […]
Europe plans molecular screening center for translational research - Lucas Laursen 05 April 2012 Almost a decade ago, the US National Institutes of Health kicked off its Molecular Libraries Initiative to provide academic researchers with access to the high-throughput screening tools needed to identify new therapeutic compounds. Europe now seems keen on catching up. Last month, the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), a €2 billion […]
Innovative screening tools accelerate drug discovery - Exclusively available in the UK from Cambio, Transcreener® HTS Assays and iuvo Microconduit array technology meet a demand for high performance tools which will speed discovery of new therapies. Dedicated to providing the pharmaceutical industry with more effective screening tools, BellBrook Labs developed the proprietary Transcreener® assays, which use no radioactive compounds. This high throughput […]
Nigeria: FG and Cost of Cancer Screening - THE Federal Government’s recent directive to its hospitals to reduce the cost of cancer screening, though very commendable, is long overdue, considering that late diagnosis of the disease has resulted in the high rate of cancer related deaths in the country. Cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths in the world, especially in […]